Hornets Fall 108-100 Notes and Quotes



  • The first half saw a series of runs by both teams as the Celtics led by as many as 10 points in the 1Q.  A 15-6 Hornets run that spanned the end of the 1Q and beginning of 2Q gave the Hornets a 29-28 lead.  The Celtics closed the first half strong to lead 57-38 at halftime.
  • The Hornets trailed 84-70 at the end of three quarters and trailed 91-79 with 9:05 to play.  The team used a 17-5 run to take a 97-96 lead, but Boston answered with a 12-3 run
  • Midway through the 1Q, Hornets All-Star guard Kemba Walker stopped a Celtics fast break by taking a charge on Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum.  He ranked third in the NBA in charges drawn last season with 28.
  • After leading the Hornets in scoring in each of the last two preseason games, rookie Malik Monk has a game high 21 points on 7-18 FG shooting, posting a new preseason high.
  • Monk has 19-plus points in the last three games. The last Hornets rookie to do so in the regular season was Walker from 2/11/12-2/15/12.
  • Off-season Hornets addition Dwight Howard entered tonight having tallied double digit scoring twice and double digit rebounds twice in the Hornets first three preseason outings.  He has 12 points and 6 rebounds.
  • Hornets rookie G Dwayne Bacon had 12 points, going a perfect 4-4 from the three point line.
  • The Celtics hit 15 three-pointers, tallying their highest made this preseason.
  • Celtics G Gordon Hayward has connected on three three-pointers tonight, the most he has made so far this preseason.
  • Boston Al Horford has hit a perfect 3-3 from beyond the arc.
  • Celtics G Kyrie Irving has 16 points and 10 assists, his first double-double this preseason.



 On tonight’s game:

“Obviously it’s a little… they’re good defensively, but obviously we struggled with our ball movement and stuff with some of the lineups that we’re playing right now. That’s why I like the teams that we’re playing in the preseason. You get a better idea of what you have to work on. Some of the younger guys are getting a chance to play, so it’s good you get to evaluate them further also.”


On the shorter preseason:

“It’s definitely different. It’s actually more of a difference than I thought. Because I think what you find is- I actually talked to Brad a lot last night- your plan is we’ll just practice more, and you can’t. Again, you just don’t have good practices. I think most teams, as you watch film, are in the same place. It’s just not going to be, you’re just not going to be as far along as you were in other years, but it’s fair. Everybody has the same amount of time. So the teams that make the most of it, and obviously that are healthy, are going to have an advantage the first 8, 9, 10 games of the year.”


On Malik Monk:

“He can score, he can score, he can score. He’s a good learner, he’s gotten in better shape here. He’s willing, I think that his defense will come because he’s willing, he’s a good guy. I think that being a good player is very important to him. He knows and understands that the way he has played in the past he can’t play in this league if he wants to be a good player. The big thing is, I told him, when people say “he’s a talented offensive player” that is a lot different than somebody saying “he’s a talented NBA player.” His goal needs to be that he’s a good NBA player. He’s a talented shot maker right now, but I like the way he is, I like the way he works. He can make shots.”


On Dwayne Bacon:

“One of the things he did well tonight, I thought he was very solid when he played with the older guys. The other thing in evaluating the younger guys that’s hard is they’re out there with other younger guys, so it’s just so chaotic. The same thing happened the other night. So when Dwayne played with the older guys, he’s much more steady. We just have stretches with that younger group where, there’s no way you would know if you’re not at practice, but I mean it’s just chaos. And you can’t, you’re not going to be able to play an NBA game like that.”



On the starting group’s level of play and contribution:

“I thought our first group played pretty well.  There were some things we need to do better, but we had some real moments.  We had a couple of things we need to improve on from the first time we played them, (Hornets) and in some circumstances I felt we showed that.  It was something to move forward with and it becomes real on Tuesday.


On Marcus Smart

“I thought he was good. In those first six minutes you can tell he was getting back into it.  The next four days of both individual work and practice are going to be important for him, but I thought he was good, especially in his second stint.”


On Kyrie Irving

“He has a special handle to him and a special way about him.  One of the things is, he utilizes it to get angles and to get an advantage.  I thought tonight, he did a great job of finding his shot, but also, looking for people both in transition and half-court when he broke down the defense.”




On playing with Kyrie Irving:

“When you see guys like that and they kind of get into what we call getting into their bag or their package, it’s insane to watch.  It’s hard not to just sit back and watch sometimes.  It’s incredible to see those guys do those types of things.”


On Irving’s ability to create for the rest of the team:

“It’s ridiculous.  One of the best finishers and playmakers in this league.  That’s why he is the person he is, he’s good at that.  He’s great at that and that’s going to be a huge point for us this year.”


On if they feel like they are ahead of schedule as a team:

“I think so.  We have a lot of guys, a lot of new guys, and not once have you seen anybody complain about minutes, complain about touching the ball, everybody’s playing off one another, moving the ball and getting great touches and great looks.”





On playing with Kyrie Irving:

“It’s fun out there.  He gets you involved, getting some good looks.  Sometimes it’s fun just to watch the show too.  He makes a lot of exciting plays so it’s going to be a fun year.”


On figuring out how to play with his new teammates:

“It’s definitely an ongoing process.  It’s something I’m working on each day.  I’ve got to figure out my spots, figure out timing a little bit, figure out the spacing of where guys are going to be.  It’s just a little different here, so just trying to figure that out.”


On passing the ball and spacing:

“There’s going to be a lot of times where we have kick-outs available for open shooters because the floor is so spaced, so part of it is just figuring out if it’s time to take my own shot or we can get a better one.”



On first home game in Charlotte:

“It was a good feeling.  I think we had a good crowd for our first home preseason game and I enjoyed it.  I felt like I could’ve played better but as the preseason goes on and the regular season gets closer I feel like I’m playing better and better.”


On Clifford saying he played well with older guys and starters:

“I definitely still made some mistakes, but I’m not trying to beat myself up about that right now.  I’m just going to come tomorrow and watch film of what I did, learn from it, learn from my mistakes and then take the good things and apply it to the next game.”


On solid three-point shooting performance:

“I came in before the game and did the same shooting routine that I do before every practice before tonight’s game. So it’s just sticking with it and just don’t let the basic stuff get old and that’s what I’m trying to do.”


On showing what he’s capable of:

“Of course.  A lot of people haven’t seen me play until I got here so it’s just trying to learn and apply what I learn to the games what I learn in practice and go as hard as I can to show that I’m in it for the long haul.


On what he feels like his biggest room for improvement is:

“Definitely defense.  I’m trying to perfect the defensive side.  I want to be one of the best two-way players to ever play the game and I feel like I’ve got the offensive side so I need to keep getting better on defense to get there.”




On first home game in Charlotte:

“I couldn’t wait to play here.  We’ve had all our games on the road so to finally come back and play at home was great.  We didn’t get the win but we got some things we have to work on, other than that it felt good to be able to play here.”


On impression of the rookies:

“They get ‘em (shots) up.They get ‘em up.  It’s great to see their confidence and it’s great to see that they have no fear.  That’s good when you come in to the league and try to establish yourself.  Very proud of those two guys and hopefully they can keep it up for the season.”


On if Malik Monk reminds him of anyone:

“I’d have to go with Steve Francis. Malik, he’s probably a better three-point shooter in this league, but just overall how they play the game he’s more like a Steve Francis.”


On chemistry with Kemba:

“We getting there.  We still have to get a little rhythm. We have to really establish a presence with me and him in pick-and-rolls and post up and stuff like that.  The good thing about it is we spend a lot of time talking and we’re really trying to get it right because it starts with me and him.  If I don’t dominate inside and he’s not being aggressive on the offensive end then we aren’t going to be as successful as we want to be.