Get Excited ACC Football Fans

downloadGreensboro, N.C- I learned a lot about ACC Football this past weekend that I didn’t know before. Here is a list in no particular order.

#1- Clemson Quarterback Cole Stoudt knows where this Tiger team has been and where it needs to go.

“Seniors from last year, they’ve all set a standard for Clemson” Stoudt said, “one thing we started out for the year after last year was that we all talked about that the standard was set, so now it’s set to go beyond that standard. They’ve set a goal; we want to go above it.”

#2-Ask most fans about the ACC quarterbacks, good chance Boston College’s Tyler Murphy’s name doesn’t come up. But after talking with Eagle center Andy Gallik, the name Tyler Murphy will stick in your head.

“I think he adds a different dynamic to the offense that we didn’t have before, and I think because he’s a mobile quarterback there’s a lot more options for us in the backfield with all the speed that we have with the running backs.” Gallik said.

Look out for the Boston College offense, might not be the best, but for sure won’t be the worst.

#3-If it isn’t clear already, then after talking with Florida State’s coaches and players, it will be clear, there Offensive line is the best in the country.

“Well, our offensive line is the best offensive line in the country, and I repeat that Florida State’s offensive line is the best offensive line in the country.” Said Jameis Winston.

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher added “When you have those guys in the trenches on the offensive and defensive lines, it makes the game much easier and we have tons of experience, athleticism, and ability, and knowledge.”

#4-With the loss of Teddy Bridgewater, one would think it might be a decline in offensive production for the Louisville Cardinals, but that is what is on the players’ minds.

“Teddy was a good quarterback, but we’ve got another quarterback coming up in Will Gardner, and he’s a good quarterback” said Devante Parker. “We expect to do good numbers this year with our new offense.”

#5- Lebron has left Miami leaving, Duke Johnson to be the biggest star in the city, but he sees someone else getting that crown.

“I think D-Wade still has that title” said Duke Johnson.

All jokes aside, weather you are a Wake Forest fan trying to find a reason to stay positive or a Florida State fan that hasn’t quit celebrating, there is something for everyone to get excited about, before the season kicks off.